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Hannabigail Tito Daisy Crossbody Bag

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Hannabigail Tito Daisy Crossbody Bag

BE A FASHION SUPERSTAR - This is the only bag that perfectly complements your modern lifestyle. Be an instant fashion superstar with this compact & minimalist crossbody bag. 

PREMIUM QUALITY - Expect nothing but the premium quality and workmanship for this cross bag which was designed for versatile use in everyday life.

GET ORGANISED & READY TO GO - Pack everything you need to quickly make a move with this compact bag which has roomy space that is sufficient for your handphone, credit cards, cosmetics, etc everything in one place! No more searching for your items everywhere when you need them. 

PERFECT AS GIFT - This bag is perfect as a gift for your wife, girlfriend, best friends, mum, daughter, and YOURSELF! A perfect gift for all types of occasions.

PERFECT FOR ALL EVENTS - This bag is suitable to be used for all types of events eg. shopping, gathering, working, hiking, partying, travelling, or just daily use.


  • BAG DIMENSION  - Length 7.48"/19cm * Width 5.51"/14cm * Width 2.36"/6cm
  • BAG MATERIAL  - High quality soft faux leather
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL PHONES  - Our stylish TITO DAISY CROSSBODY BAG holds a perfect size for iPhone SE 2020/11/ Pro / Pro Max, Xs Max, XR, XS, X, 8 plus, 7 plus, 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, S10, Note 8 and other smart mobile phones, fits a cell phone with the screen size of 6.5 inches and below.
  • DEDICATED PHONE COMPARTMENT - TITO DAISY has a dedicated compartment for your phone. This keeps your phone safe and separated from other items that may scratch or damage your valuable phone. You can find the phone easily and quickly the moment you want it inside this compartment.
  • HUGE STORAGE COMPARTMENT - This bag comes with a huge storage compartment that can store your daily essentials eg. lipsticks, brush, cosmetics, credit cards, banknotes, earphones, phone, etc. into dedicated slots & pockets. 

  • ADJUSTABLE & REMOVABLE STRAPS - Our crossbody bag comes with complimentary straps. You may turn this crossbody bag into a handheld bag, handbag, or shoulder bag.


  • 1 x Hannabigail Tito Daisy Crossbody Bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Mario Mraz
Good quality & not bulky

I previously purchased the minicat crossbody purse on Amazon but did not like how flimsy and cheap quality it felt. It felt like if I opened and closed the purse just a few times it would rip apart. However, this purse is very high quality and sturdy. I was looking for a purse with a strong strap and button and this seems to be just that. It feels like it will last a very long time and I was afraid it would be too big because that’s how it appeared in photos. However, the size is perfect! I love how much room their is for my phone and other items, yet there are also 2 card slots.

Lurline Hilll
Nice bag!

Good quality purse! Hold all of the essentials. I used it at a party and was great because of the size! The packaging was beautiful and handled with care.

Lance Jenkins
Well made, no odor!

This small handbag is exactly what I have been looking for, for several years to replace a similar one. This item is "extremely" well made! One of the most important things to me was it had NO odor! I ordered 2 very similiar handbags 1 day apart. I figured I would use them both, or have one for when the other one wore out. The second one came and when I opened it I was overcome by an odor like formaldehyde! I've had to send back tablet covers and other items with that same overwhelming odor. This handbag is so well made. Everything I need fits. All my credit cards, small glasses case, cash, small change purse and small medicine case. Remember, all small. I don't use it to hold my phone. I use that spot for a pocket size calendar. I also like to add that it was extremely nicely packaged....looked like a tablet!

Elda McKenzie
Exactly what I need!

Purse is larger than i expected because of the thickness of the leather. It is small enough to use when shopping or taking grand kids out for time together. I needed something that i could keep with me at all times when i have the grand kids ard and when i am at the grocery store. Works great because of the size and yet is large enough for cards, small amount of cash and the phone.

Providenci Bradtke
Great quality!

For the price, I expected a casual decent looking bag that would last a few trips. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the item and it felt like an expensive bag. I'm certain this bag will last me a long time. It is also a great size. It's a small bag that lays flat, but expands to fit much more than I would have thought. Also, although I bought the bag for myself, the presentation is amazing. and would make for a great gift. Overall, a great buy.